Android save game location


When I started the project I am working on, I used a project name “Chroma”, I have noticed that when running the game on Android the save games are going into the following folder:


As far as I am aware I have replaced all instances of the word “Chroma” with my games name however the save files are still being saved into this folder.

Looking through the code it appears as if the game is grabbing the name of the UProject file and using that as the game name, ignoring any settings specified in the project settings:

void LaunchFixGameNameCase()
	// This is to make sure this function is not misused and is only called when the game name is set

	// correct the case of the game name, if possible (unless we're running a program and the game name is already set)	
	if (FPaths::IsProjectFilePathSet())
		const FString GameName(FPaths::GetBaseFilename(IFileManager::Get().GetFilenameOnDisk(*FPaths::GetProjectFilePath())));

		const bool bGameNameMatchesProjectCaseSensitive = (FCString::Strcmp(*GameName, FApp::GetGameName()) == 0);
		if (!bGameNameMatchesProjectCaseSensitive && (FApp::IsGameNameEmpty() || GIsGameAgnosticExe || (GameName.Len() > 0 && GIsGameAgnosticExe)))
			if (GameName == FApp::GetGameName()) // case insensitive compare

I attempted to confirm this by changing the name of the uproject file but was having trouble getting that to compile and run on android, I want to avoid wasting a load of time working out why changing the project name is breaking things only to discover that doesn’t fix my issue, therefore, does anyone know of any work-arounds for this?