Android launch and build errors

Good day everyone!
I’ve faced problems with launching and building for android devices and really need help to resolve them. All my attempts to launch project fail with “Unknown error”. When i try to build project with default profile (because custom profiles are disabled), i get “Unknown symbol” and etc. errors.
I attach project build log and default 2d project log.
Building for Android-PVRTC, debug/development/shipping (tried all), by-the-book.
I would appreciate any help!

Hi Dennie Seth,

Are you able to package any project at all, such as the Tappy Chicken project? Can you try packaging that in the editor itself, as development and ETC1 and see if you get the same error? Can you include output logs of that build regardless of whether it succeeds or fails?

Unfortunately, the relevant error I’m seeing is: ERROR: cmd.exe failed with args /c “C:/NVPACK/apache-ant-1.8.2/bin/ant.bat” which is infuriatingly difficult to diagnose and could be many things, including some outside the editor. Here is a thread with several suggestions of how you can approach fixing that error.

Good luck!

I’ve tried to build Tappy Chicken - same result. Tried to package, same error. Also i’ve checked your link and it seems, that everything is correct.
Don’t know, whether it’s important or not, but i’ve installed java and android sdks separately from ant and ndk. May the problem be here, if ant and ndk aren’t up-to-date?

Yes, that is very likely that those independent sdks aren’t playing nice with the editor.

Also, this still doesn’t look like an editor packaging log, you’re using the project launcher/unreal front end? Can you try packaging that in the editor itself, as development and ETC1 and see if you get the same error? I am pretty sure you will, but editor packaging/development/ETC1 is our suggested testing setup so that it cuts down on potential variables.

Are you using source or binary/launcher? If it’s the former, you will have to compile with Editor Development and Tegra-Android to package, and that requires TADP SDK setup.

I’m using project launcher. I’ve tried package in the editor, as development, ETC-1, errors were same, so i didn’t inculde their log.
I’m using standart unreal launcher. Should i better compile unreal from source and try to package again?

Have you been using source this whole time? Then yes, most definitely. You won’t be able to build android from source if you haven’t compiled as shown in this first answer. If you have not, then no need to try source unless you’re familiar with it.

If you’re using binary and you can’t get Tappy to package, the issue is almost certainly your SDK setup. We’ve recently updated our documentation on this to be a little more clear, have a look and see if you’ve left anything out.

Ok, i’ll reinstall TADP one more time.

I’ve completely deleted TADP, all java kits and references. Reinstalled TADP and received this error logs: tappy chicken ETC1 package log and c++ project ETC1 package log and PVRTC build log.

Ok, and you’ve got your environment variables all set, and you’ve got your Android SDK set up in your editor like it shows in the photo in this thread?

I notice you’ve got your NDK set to ‘android-16’ and I don’t feel like that’s failing your build, but you will want to set it to ‘android-19’.

Yes, everything like on the screenshots.
Set to android-19 and tried to package Tappy Chicken and c++ project. Both successful, though i cannot check, whether they work or not on the device - they immediately crush (my device is on android-16).

Does Tappy Chicken set for Api 19 crash your device? That shouldn’t be the cause, as successive apis up to 19 should be backwards compatible. Josh Adams goes into a bit of an explanation on that in this other thread. We suggest 19 as it should work for devices supported for UE4 regardless of OS, but 20 and up will only support devices running 5.0 and higher.

Yes, Tappy Chicken crashes, as i try to start it, with “application error”.

Do you get a similar crash if you try Tappy Chicken from the Google Play store?

No, google play version works perfectly fine.

Ok, check the project settings (under the Edit menu), go down to Platforms and Android, and make sure that your Minimum SDK version is set low enough to handle your device. It should look something like this:


Minimum SDK is 9.

Can you post logcat logs for the tappy crash from your device? On what device are you testing, btw?

Motorola razr i xt890.
Here is logcat log.

Ok, now it makes more sense. There is known issue for packaging for anything other than ‘shipping’ for the Razr i. For reference, the JIRA is UE-3789.

Please try packaging for shipping as opposed to for development. You will need your Google Play sing.keystore in order to do so, however, if you haven’t already set it up. Here’s the Android documentation about your keystore, and here is a forums thread explaining about where to put it once you have your .keystore file

Good luck!

Sweetlord, thank you so much! Tappy Chicken launched with shipping config!:slight_smile:
I’ll get GP keystore and try to build c++ project after that.
Again, thanks for quick reply and for help!