Android Invisible geometry

So I started with a stock fps project to test the performance on my android device (Samsung Galaxy s3 GT-I9300 Mali400 GPU android 4.3 Jelly bean) the preview in the editor itself was fine but when I launched it on the physical device the geometry was invisible!

Although the technically the geometry is still present as you can tell by observing the physics
you can see that the projectiles are bouncing off the invisible wall! also the floor on which the character is standing is a geometry but because its not being rendered you can see the height fog below

so it looks like the engine is not rendering the Geometry for some unknown reason!

What could be the problem? Am I missing some proper setting?

So no one knows?

Hello Commander Shepard,

Those walls and floors you were seeing in the editor are BSP’s. Try converting these to “Static Meshes” and then build your lighting.

After doing so attempt to play on your device again to see if the geometry is visible.


Of course converting them to static mesh will work as other static meshes like the boxes in game work fine! but I want the game to render the BSP as well.I cannot manipulate static mesh like the BSP so I need BSP brushes to render! I know the engine is still under heavy development but still for some reason the quality looks crappy on the device while the epic citadel demo was just awesome

I understand your concern. So my next question is when you packaged the game for your mobile device, did you select a device specific setting or did you choose all?

Here is what I am referring to:


I choose ETC1 because thats what the engine shows when you make four finger tap!

Hey again Commander Shepard,

I had a colleague of mine test your issue on your device and we are getting the same results. This should not be occurring and I have made the developers aware of the issue. We tested it on other devices as well to see if it was in fact S3 specific, and this seems to be the case. Whether we packaged it out as “All,” or for “ETC1” we got the same result.

We appreciate your report and will be working to have this issue resolved when we can. In the meantime, one suggestion I have as a workaround would be to go ahead and convert any of the BSP’s to static meshes when you have the textures and shapes how you would like them to appear in game.

Thank you,

Ok I appreciate the effort. lets hope It wont take devs too long to figure it out

You are welcome! I will follow this issue so when it does get addressed I will keep you in the loop :slight_smile:

I appear to be having the same issue on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (SCH-I925, Android 4.1.2): static meshes render perfectly fine but a box brush does not render.

Hey Andrew! any updates on this issue?

Hey Commander Shepard,

I just returned from my break/vacation over the Holidays. Apologies for the late response, but I just looked into the issue that originally reported and it is on the map to be fixed.

They found the reason for this error is as follows:

"UModel uses FRawIndexBuffer16or32, which is actually a 32-bit index buffer.

There is code in RawIndexBuffer.h that looks like this:
// if 32 bit indices are disallowed, then use 16 bits in the FRawIndexBuffer16or32

But unfortunately nothing actually defines DISALLOW_32BIT_INDICES in UE4, and in any case we probably want to make this decision at runtime based on hardware capabilities."

Since we know the location and source of the error, we can now have it assessed based on the current workload and relevance of this issue compared to others within the engine.

This is currently all the information I can provide to you at this time, but rest assured it is on the agenda to be fixed. We appreciate your patience as always and let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,

Yeah! Finally some details! Alright waiting for the fix (maybe I could make a makeshift patch in the code until then), But anyway its good to get some info

Also if nothing defines DISALLOW_32BIT_INDICES then why is it used in the code already? It means one needs to build the engine from code to define the macro value based on hardware check

Is 4.7 stable release out?

We are modifying our preview process to release earlier in the development cycle so our developer-community can help us catch issues sooner, and we will release updated previews during the development cycle.

Please be aware that the preview releases are not fully quality tested, that they are still under heavy active development, and that they should be considered as unstable until the final release. Developers should not convert their projects for active development on preview releases. Please test on copies of your project instead.

Thank you,

I actually run into this issue using Mobile Preview in 4.7. An ArchViz map I made has every mesh appearing as invisible. A fix would be appreciated :smiley:

I won’t ever use preview. They’re just as they are named “previews” so they might be unstable and support for older hardware may have been ignored.

Experiencing same problems on S3, hoping to get this issue resolved soon!

This has been marked fixed and is planned to be integrated in a major upcoming engine release.

i’ve got the same problem, i’m now finishing my game and it’s a lot of work to replace all of this boxes, and i just can’t do that. When it’ ll be fixed???