Android In App Purchase operation always fails

I’m having a hard time getting in-game purchases to work - I’ve scoured answer hub and the forums, Starting using Unreal 4.7.6 binary, switched to latest from 4.7 branch from github

I have this in my build.cs

if (Target.Platform == UnrealTargetPlatform.Android)

I have this in my DefaultEngine.ini


Pulled these logs from my device


  • In App Purchases are not supported by Online Subsystem

Here is full log - I also cant read achievements

Currently Google Play OnlineSubsystem works only on Android, log suggest that you trying to build for Win64 which won’t have a module. If you build from source, note that you have if (Target.Platform == UnrealTargetPlatform.Android)
which means those modules will only be build when you compile for Android and editor do this when you package the game to Android. I think you get this error on Win64 build because your ini config rether then build script

Thank you for taking the time to focus on my problem - so what you are saying is I’ve pulled the wrong log message? Basically my problem is whenever I try a in app purchase operation my response is always failed.

I’ve attempted to do all the right things but I’m at a loss what the problem actually is. I’ve assumed its because the onlinesubsystemgoogleplay dll doesnt even exist in that directory it mentions (even if it was to be referenced at the right time)

This will work only in Android, thats what i mean, you trying to do it in Windows. dll in linux (which Android running on) are called *.so

thank you for the clarification - do you have any idea what I should do next? I’m at a loss right now :frowning:

Lauch game on Android device, Google Play should work there

it doesnt - i get a failed response - i checked my ini, im building from github source, im including the private dependency in my build.cs and regenerated my sln - now what?

a lot of people are having trouble with this - are you using unreal 4.7.6? I havent had time to try this in unreal 4.6.x


Terence Burns has a new answer for how to adjust your ini. See this AnswerHub thread and see if it helps.