Android: How to debug apps failing to start?

I have a simple side scroller game with a number of sprites, blueprints and what not and i’m having trouble trying to run the game on two of my android devices. When launching the game it just crashes and says “Unfortunately, “Projectname” has stopped.” I have a Galaxy Nexus and a Galaxy S2, yeah… their old but i was successfully able to launch Tappy chicken and the Side scroller template and i believe my project is not very different to those.

My question is how can i find out whats causing the game to crash?

Thanks. :slight_smile:


check out Rudy Tripletts comment on this question. You have to use the Android Device Monitor/LogCat to get logs. If opening the Android Device Monitor doesn’t work for you as described, try it by opening Android Studio (make a new empty project if needed) and clicking Tools > Android > Android Device Monitor.