[Android] How do I remove the UE4Game folder? I cannot use Use ExternalFilesDir for UE4Game Files.

Version 4.26
Hello, everyone

I encountered the following problems when making Android game projects.
I packaged and installed the project’s Base0.3.1.0 APK, and then downloaded the pak file to Android’s UE4Game/[ProjectName]/Saved/Paks/using the hot update method,and was able to mount the pak hot update content and run normally.

But after I made some updates, I need to reinstall the new APK version of At this time, UE4Game/[ProjectName]/Saved/Paks/next pak will cause me to be unable to run normally.

My question:

  1. I am reinstalling the APK version of Why can’t I remove the UE4Game folder?
  2. Even if I try to uninstall version, the ‘UE4Game’ folder will remain.
  3. Is there any way to automatically remove the ‘UE4Game’ folder of the old version when installing the new APK version?

My attempt to solve the problem(of course not successful):
——I searched a lot of materials, tried to open the “Use ExternalFilesDir for UE4Game Files” option in the project settings, and built and packaged with “Shipping”.
——This option should store the ‘UE4Game’ folder to 'Android/Data/com.[companyname].projectname"。
——Unfortunately, even if I check “Use ExternalFilesDir for UE4Game Files”, I still have UE4Games/[ProjectName] directly stored on Android.

I checked the “AndroidManifest. xml” file
<meta-data android:name="com.epicgames.ue4.GameActivity.bUseExternalFilesDir" android:value="false" />
This entry is always false no matter how it is changed.

Please help me!! What should I do?

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