Android host

Hi all , i have a little problem , i create a game for android device , i do a lobby/host session.

When i create a session on the mobile preview, i can join from my mobile , but when i create session on my mobile , i can’t join from the mobile editor !

And in the log i have this : NULL: Can’t start an online game for session (Game) that hasn’t been created

If anyone have idea, teel me ! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance !

(i have already set [OnlineSubsystem]
DefaultPlatformService=Null in defaultengine.ini)

This message appears when Session (it’s null) is failed to be initiated, do you maybe got any hinting logs before that message? , when i start a session , Session create appear so it’s good ,

and when i join , Hello appear too !

But i don’t know :confused:

I asked you if there any logs before “Can’t start an online game for session”, because that error message seems to be consequence of something that failed to initiate session, where session is null because something failed

D/UE4 (27089): [2015.09.12-15.45.19:292][1792000]LogOnline:Warning: NULL: Can’t start an online session (Game) in state InProgress

This maybe ?

thats really wierd because that message can be only show is session is not null where message you gave in anwser if session is null. You sure you not activatesing CreateSession twice? I browse source code and notice online session is related to AGameSession, possibly it manages session creation for you, try not createing session and see what happens. Also paste full log, but do it in PasteBin or other pasting site

I don’t have activating 2 create session , and i don’t have source code :confused: , and nothing in log… maybe an issue with android ?

Also try doing a full dev build of the project and installing it to an android device. I noticed that some things don’t work in Play in Editor very well, especially with multiplayer.