Android deferred shading reflection no longer works?

For architectural rendering projects on Android I have used deferred shading (Vulkan).
Running the same project on UE5, I found that all the reflections had disappeared.
I started looking for answers, and as I found out, reflections disappear only under static lighting. Even if you manually set Cubemap in the reflection capture, there will be no reflections.

Forward shading reflections work correctly, but their quality is not suitable for me.
This is only a problem with static lighting when deferred shading on android.

I tried to create empty projects to make sure that the problem is not only in my project. This bug is everywhere. Perhaps somewhere there was some setting affecting this, but I tried everything from the project settings to r.reflectionenvironment 1.

I can also say that a scene without reflections looks exactly the same as when r.reflectionenvironment 0 is entered