[Android]Character disappear and appear randomly on build game

I have a model with 33 bones.
Whenever the game begins the model disappear but when the level is reloaded it appear. when another level is loaded it dissapear again.
In editor PIE works ok. This happens only on build

Can you show a pic of how the character is getting created? Are you spawning it yourself or leaving it to player start to spawn it for you?
If the former, I would try setting Default Pawn in your Game Mode blueprint to None.

We are using a default pawn because we try to spawn manually from game mode and it fails to find the playerstart. It only find player start pie(c++)
We are going to try your solution. Any reason of why this happens?

We are usin a persistent level with 2 sublevel:instanced meshes and bp. The persistent level is called from main menu using openlevel.

Ok it makes no change. However it works Fine on galaxy s7 but on lg g4 happens this problem. The video was recorded using an lg g4