Android Atlas size advice

I’m trying to reorganize and optimize my textures (pixel art) and I would need some precision about atlas size. I have all my sprites on a 1024*1024 texture, and wanted to do the same for tilemaps.
At some point in the game tilemaps are invisible and some sprites (using the atlas) also become invisible. I’m not sure if it is related to translucency but anyway I would like to change and use sprites instead. This way I can use power of 2 and get rid of the translucent mat.

By doing so, my texture for these maps have to be at least 2048 on one side so I can put all my maps. Here is my dilemma: if I use a 2048 by 1024 texture I have a lot of wasted space, but if I use 2048*2048, then I can bring my other atlas here and have only one atlas for everything.

I’m not sure if it is a good idea because my first atlas seems to already have an issue.

When I launch on the phone, the first sprite using this atlas is very pixellated and take maybe 3 or 4 second to “warm up” and display correctly. Other sprites are ok after that.
Same apply in the editor when I open Unreal, it won’t display correctly until “open level” is called in play mode (I have a mix beetween both screenshot if it just directly play a level without “open level”).

Before :

After playing :

My thought is that maybe my atlas 1024 by 1024 is already too big, maybe not. Perhaps the issue is somewhere else and it is safe to use a single 2048 atlas, perhaps it would be better to have 4 atlas in 512 (shouldn’t have a huge impact on draw calls). I’m a bit lost and it takes me ages to re-extract all sprites, recreate flipbooks etc so I really need and advice here.

My texture should use correct settings, I’ve done right click->sprite actions->apply Paper 2d textures settings :

On the top I see 11 mip levels, could it be the issue?
Thanks in advance for any guidance !

Well, the mipmaps certainly dont help.

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Ah thank you !!
I’ve set the texture to “No mip map” and indeed the issue has gone. I guess I can safely put everything, maps included, inside a single 2048 by 2048 texture now. Performance wise, I’m assuming it is better to have 1 big texture instead of 2 smaller ones


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