Android arrow component gets blanked (nullptr)

Hi Everyone.

I’m having trouble with My Mobile game where when I create the Main Player I add to him a UArrowComponent that when instancing the BaseActor (the parent class of my Main Player Class), it creates the Arrow Component correctly has follows:

and then when I continue the code, into the next method (The Main Player constructor) you can actually see the same arrow component in the locals variables, has follows:

But then for some strange reason, the system calls upon the Base Actor class again and initializes everything for a second time which for me is quite strange, here is two screenshots of this happening:

And then it calls upon the Begin Play of my Main player class where I can see the Arrow Component pointing to an empty memory allocation, which according to all the previous steps should not happen:

So I need some help to understand why it’s creating two Main Players and why it’s making my Actor Direction a nullptr.

Thanks for any help that can be provided.