Android Application unable to open the sql database .db

I have the following code :
const FString DbPath = FPaths::ProjectContentDir() + “Database/”+ DatabaseName;

DatabaseName is the variable of the Fstring type that gets passed down as a parameter and contains the name of the .db file.

The point is the application cannot open the database file in Android.
The app works fine in the editor

P.S. I have pointed “Additional Non-Asset Directories to Package” to the Database Directory.
and also, “Additional Non-Asset Directories to Copy” to the Database Directory.

any error message?

It says assertion failed: Result + NumToAdd <= MaxElements
Minimum Number of Uobjects exceeded
call stack too long

But before that it prints the UELOG()
saying unable to open the database

well i never use db in ue,but for issue like this,you may check the path DbPath you build by print it to log,and use unrealpak.exe to extract the pak file then find out does the db file in the right location(just decompress the apk file and get assets/main.obb.png ,rename it to and decompress it to get pak file)

I did as you say or rather one of the thing among your suggestions. When I change the name of the main.obb.png to and then extract it I get a Folder named Alumfab/Content/Database and inside this is my data.db file