And again navmeshes

Hello, i have 2 streaming levels with landscapes (let it be level A and level B)., if i add navmeshes to level A - ue delete navmeshes at level B., same conversely - if to add navmeshes to level B - it delete navmeshes at level A. How can i add navmeshes to level A and then to level B?

kk, if here is no answers - then finger to sky )

if to add nm to sublevel - after generation it not saving, and if to reload ue - there will be no navmeshes
if to add nm to base level - it start to generate nm for sublevel A and saving em, but if to do same for sublevel B - nm in level A will be destroyed.
if to add one gigantic nm bound volume for all sublevels i have - it start to generate nm, even if sublevels not loaded (wtf?), so as result ue generating over 1.5 millions of some invisible navmeshes… kk, let’s try more…

using fixed pool size gives not much more… if to generate fixed nm in level A and then in level B - all is perfect untill to restart engine., so after restarting ue - all navmeshes dissapear, in both levels

You will want to add the nav to the persistent. Select all the nav volumes and just move them slightly to have it re-draw the cells. I would advise against streaming landscapes. Have the level startup events in the persistent load the landscape and dont unload them.