Anamorphic Lens flares in UE4 [Pics]

Been trying to get these to work in UE4. Currently using a translucent material that is applied to a mesh emitter. Translucent, two sided, unlit, disable depth test. The emitter has fixed relative and occlusion bounding boxes. xyz 25 25 25, -25 -25 -25.

Here are some pictures to illustrate my problem. Any insight into how to fix this would be greatly appreciated. I’m curious when a proper Lensflare system will be implemented, similar to the one in UDK.

Coming in a future version I believe…
AnswerHub - Post Process directional blur
Pull Request -

I also wait for anamorphic lens (UDK lens was just amazing!)

Not bad, but seems a bit too strong. Would be great to have something in engine though.

Agreed, not sure why this was never implemented at the launch of UE4, or even since then as it has almost been a year.

Still curious if there’s a fix for the above issue though. If I can do a cheap version of it at the moment, I’ll be satisfied until they give us the proper implementation. The above roadblock is proving to be exceedingly obstinate.

You can modify the lens flare that’s automatically generated, you just can’t specifically place flares where you want them. It’s based off a realistic setting, so everything would get the same type of flare since it’s due to the camera and lens that makes the flare look like it does.

That’s what I want to do though. Was able to do it back in udk, didn’t try implementing it in ue4 til today and to my great surprise the lensflare editor was removed entirely. I was able to replicate it to a degree with particles but am running into the above issue. If there is a solution at all to the problem depicted in the above photos I would greatly appreciate the help. =)

I’d love to be able to do this too, I was just about about to post a thread on it and saw this, could you let me know if you ever fix it?

Sure, but I still haven’t found a fix to this. Was hoping someone from Epic might be able to give some insight into it.

Hi SE_JonF,

Currently, as far as I’m aware, there are no plans to bring back the Lens Flare editor from UDK. Also, as Godling pointed out there was a pull request to add some anamorphic lens flare stuff to the post process settings, but this was not accepts in it’s current state. Martin was kind enough to offer some tips to the developer that would make it more suitable.

If you want to create anamorphic lens flares anywhere without post processing I suggest you take a look at this thread from long ago: ue4 lens flare???? - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums

This is how lens flares were setup with Infiltrator. You’ll have to forgive the nastiness of my texture being rendered, but it’s the basic idea behind what was used by creating them in Cascade.



Hey Tim,

I was able to construct something with the cascade editor, but as outlined above ran into an issue where the lensflare is showing through objects with disable depth test checked in the material. If I do not disable it, then the flare intersects with nearby objects which is also bad. I saw the thread before, but unfortunately it didn’t have any information regarding this problem. Do you have any suggestions that could resolve this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. =)