An outline of a darker color?

Hey guys, I’m a complete newbie when it comes to this engine, and I’m pleased to say that I am learning alot about texturing and other mechanics. I am trying to achieve a cartoon feeling, but not a usual black outline. So I was wondering, is there was any sort of way to make an outline where it’s slightly darker from the original color its covering?

Something like this Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Use a post-processing effect to detect the edges, there’s one made by Allar somewhere here on the forums that works pretty well.
To get the edges to be a darker colour, you need to go in to the post process edge detection material and add some things to the end.
where it does the blending between the black outlines and the base colour, replace that with a lerp node. ‘b’ will be the base colour, the alpha will be the outlines, and the ‘a’ input will be base colour multiplied by a fractional number (0.1,0.5,…etc). the lower the number you multiply this by, the darker it will get.