An idiots guide to using the Oculus SDK with FMOD

The OP method doesn’t work with 1.08 FMOD.

There two knobs, min and max range on the panel of Oculus Spatializer. Those set the distance. Too bad you can’t see it in the Editor when using Oculus (native FMOD plugin shows attenuation in the 3D view, Oculus’ doesn’t) :frowning:

Thanks for the guide, some things were a little different on my end due to version and updates.

I’m at the stage of getting the attenuation working on a FMOD event. I tried a few different approaches.

I curious as to how you set the “Distance parameter” in the FMOD event to = attentuation in unreal.

A screenshot would be good of how you setup the blueprint for basic attenuation (if that’s how you approach it)



Unfrtuantly it doesn’t work for me. Probably I don’t have this **ovrfmod64.dll **file and I don’t know how to download it. Or how to install it. I have fmod in my project folder not in my engine folder (I am working with source control)
I have fmod plugin working in Unreal and I have Oculus Spatializer appearing in fmod but everytime I enable spatializer everything in UE4 is silent.

I am using ue 4.18 and fmod studio 1.10.

Did you manage to find a solution to this, I’m encountering the same issue with 4.19 and studio 1.10.07.