An error I dont even know how to categorize - weird black gaps [UE-4.25]

Hi all, first time poster!

SO Im using the Neonify plugin I bought from marketplace, I have a tunnel full of Neon meshes with an emissive material on them… I am posing a character in the Foreground of my shot but as the character passes in front of the background lights, I get some weird blocking-black smudges around the character as it interjects the glow… is there anywhere around this…

I tried sequencer and movie render queue but notjing seems to stop it…

I have attached a screen of the scene using a chair mesh, I cant show the character publicly for legal reasons as is a work project. I tinkered the emmissve amount on the material but it doesnt help.

Im on [UE4 4.25.0]

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Can those be reflections? Physically accurate reflections like this are impossible, but screen space reflections like this are pretty much possible. Try adding a post process volume and disable reflections. See if these things disappear.

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it didnt help unfortunately - but thanks for reply… I think its the emissive glow, its not an actual real light, so Unreal calculates the pixels diferently when an object passes in front of it. I think a reflection sphere or something may help