An easier way? (Network replication)


I have just plunged into the wonderful world of networking creation.

Is there an easier way to get the client to replicate an action on the server, which in turn then gets replicated to the network?
Or is it just setting a WHOLE lot of custom events?

Not just talking this blueprint, but in general.
Although you may also gladly point any obvious errors out :smiley:


This seems pretty standard. Even looking at the C++ code for ShooterGame, it does similar things like this, but it looks a bit cleaner just because it is a simple IF statement.

Although in this case, I think all you need to do is make acting and blocking replicated variables and you would just need to set them on the server instead of having to do a multicast.

Thank you :slight_smile: That worked. One corner cut today ^^

FYI - You dont those authority switches in your code. Just call BlockToServer and BlockEndToServer directly. The authority side can call the server functions and it will run just fine.

Two corners cut :smiley: The graph is beginning to look manageable. Thank you too.