AMONG THE DEAD ONES | Ideas & Suggestions

Hello! While i’m working on the Open World Zombie Survival game for iOS & Android known as AMONG THE DEAD ONES, i’d like to hear your ideas and suggestions for the game here and i’ll reply whenever i have the time to.


Below are the features that i’m going to implement into the game.


Explore A BIG Open-World (In ATDO, the world will have forests, cities and small towns that you can explore. on foot, or in-vehicle)

Enter ANY Building/House (You will be able to enter every building inside of this game: residential, rural, cities and towns etc.)

Day & Night Cycle (There will be a 24 Hour day and night cycle with realistic skies. Each minute, an hour will go by.)

Weather Effects, Seasons. (In AMONG THE DEAD ONES, there will be weather effects. Including: Fog, Thunderstorms, Rain, Snow. Seasons Include: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and winter.

Loot (Explore houses, buildings, apartments, vehicles, cities and towns for Delicious loot)

Craft (The player will be able to craft all kinds of things, including weapons, structures, clothes, medicine, foods, tools, and many more items! )

Build (You will be able to craft and build modular structures such as Floors, Walls, Roofs, Stairs, Doors, etc.)

Kill (Kill zombies, animals, and other survivors, with a vast, wide range of weaponry, from Melee weapons to Ranged weapons and Throwables!)

Steal (Steal from other players!.. or yourself… (don’t do that))

Sneak (Make less noise and keep out of sight from Zombies, Survivors, and vicious animals)

Hunger (Don’t starve to death! find something to eat. Be it a dogs leg, or a steak dinner. In a world like this, you have no choice. Do what needs to be done!)

Thirst (Water is life. Without Water, life is non-existent. Find it, drink it, cherish it…)

Infection (If you get bit by a walker just once, you will start to get infected. If not acted upon fast, the infection will start to spread inside of your body and you will die. There are special remedies u can craft to kill an infection in its early state and ONLY in its early state. If u mix one of these remedies with anti-biotics, u can kill the infection. and if you’re too late… well… there’s always a bullet to the head. So remember, kids! always prepare for a zombie bite!)

Zombie AI (Walkers will be able to See, Hear, and Smell you. They can lose sight of you, but will still try to find you and if not, eventually give up. Zombies are able to grab the player, and if you don’t do anything about it, the zombie WILL bite you and if not treated fast, the infection will start to spread inside of your body and u WILL die)

Transportation (In ATDO, Transportation is a rare thing. You will be able to ride bicycle’s, drive cars, and use the train systems to travel in the world. Cars need gas and most of the time need to be repaired. Most Trains need power, and you’ll have to figure out how to turn it on at the train stations. Bicycles however, just require u to peddle! But the chains might pop, so you’ll have to repair or replace them.

Weapons (There will be many weapons in ATDO, including Bow and Arrow, Assault Rifles, Pistols, Snipers, Shotguns, Crossbow, Axes, Hatchets, Knifes, Pipes, Baseball Bats, Shovels, and many more of all varieties, with more being added constantly in updates! Guns will have very realistic properties and each weapon will have it’s own stats and even more features to come in future updates

Animations (The Animations in ATDO are going to be realistic, and fully motion captured with ROOT MOTION applied (that means no foot sliding in the animation) there’s gonna be A LOT of animations, almost every action you do in the game there will be an animation for it. Zombie animations will be getting the same treatment as well, Very realistic and fully motion captured animations for zombies.

Music & Sound Effects (The Music in the game will be very subtle and atmospheric, as well as dark and uncanny. (I’m a music producer, you can check out all my work here) As for the sound effects, there will be a LOT of realistic and atmospheric sound effects like Realistic Gun shots and foley, as well as realistic impacts on different materials with different weapons, and a LOT of minor and major detailed sounds coming from all types of activities the player will be doing. Lots of interior sounds and well as exterior sounds and animal noises and door creaks and footsteps and detailed realistic zombie noises and grunts and the list goes on and on and on. In other words, there will be A LOT of sound effects in this game.

Inventory & Equipment (The player can equip various items, weapons and clothing)

So whether you’d like to suggest i’d do something differently with a certain feature, or a brand new idea (Whether it be a new feature, an item, a game mode, a map, a weapon etc) Thanks! can’t wait to hear from you!

Interesting. Do you have any screenshots to show yet? Logo looks nice :slight_smile:

Hey Nick! I was wondering if there could be a bolt action rifle in the game, with customizable attachments.
(Also, could we still talk on Twitter? :slight_smile:

Why mobile?

Put a workload estimation behind each feature that you dream of. The first one alone requires a team of 2d and 3d artists. Sum it up and compare it to the resources/team you have.

You could even add the cycle of rain, snow and other things like that. I was wondering if you are going to see a fully translated Portuguese version of Brazil?

You could even add the cycle of rain,snow and other things like that. I was wondering if you are going to see a fully translated Portuguese version of Brazil?

Yeah, it’s called a road map

İf this game come to epicgames store it would be nice

Why mobile ??? Really?? because some people only have mobile phones and can’t all them game consoles. The (RICH folks)

Are Zombies still popular? There are other human undead monsters of mythology and horror that could use some love. Replacing the word ‘Zombie’ with ‘Undead’ or removing it leaves lots mystery and opening for a new type dead creature where the player can assume they’re zombies until they do something out of the norm.

Perhaps this can be the Day Z for Mobile that revitalizes the appreciation of Zombies. I think their awesome for what they represent, but, I’m burnt out on them.

What era does the world exist? I believe once humans start implanting neurolinks in their brains to interface with AI, the possibility of a viral computer infection turning those ‘cyborgs’ into cybernetic zombies is a reality. haha.