AMD Radeon™ ProRender for Unreal [Raytracing] [Free] [4.20]

AMD Radeon™ ProRender is a powerful physically-based rendering engine that enables creative professionals to produce stunningly photorealistic images.
Built on AMD’s high-performance Radeon™ Rays technology, Radeon™ ProRender’s complete, scalable ray tracing engine uses open industry standards to harness GPU and CPU performance for swift, impressive results.

works with all graphic cards

Fantastic, thanks for posting about this! It also looks like a good way to preview static lighting before baking.

That’s not realtime

in viewport its updating in realtime ?
what is the meaning of realtime ?

The video shows very clearly that the secondary viewport only updates when you stop moving in the primary viewport, so it is not realtime.

It takes some time for the image to clear up after they stop moving, we’ve had GPU renderers like that for a long time, it’s useful for previews but it’s not a realtime renderer.

The lag kinda looks a bit worse than Vray RT, Iray, MODO or other “accumulation” renders. Generally those apps will update even if you don’t stop moving the camera. Not a huge deal, but being able to move the camera and it be a bit more responsive does make it more interactive.

That’s all about initial adaptive sampling, an area that is steadily improved/optimized.