AMD or Intel???

Which is better for game dev? AMD or Intel?

I bought a laptop with an AMD processor and never again! I would highly recommend the Intel processors for developement.

In my opinion both are pretty good for game development. Atm I personally use an intel processor, because I got one nearly for free :stuck_out_tongue:
As far as I read there are some differences which makes the intel processor a little bit more efficent -> just search on google and you will find many articles about that

AMD doesn’t compete at the high end, so if you want speed and have the money, then your only choice is Intel

I’ve been using mostly Intel for my last couple of machines and prefer it. That said, AMD is not bad at all, I use the very cheap 8 core AMD FX-8320 for one of my servers and it handles virtualization of 18 windows 7 without a single problem, and it’s not using 100%, which is very, very respectable for a CPU that cost like $130.
I’m using an Intel 4930k for game development and it works perfectly but you can get great performance with something way cheaper, from both brands.
But if you have a big budget for a CPU, I would not suggest AMD, then you might as well get a powerful Intel CPU, AMD is not competing in the high end market very well.

Ok but doesn’t the new AMD A10-6700 have a better GPU ranked at 102% better then the i5 4460?

Are you going to use the GPU on there? Because it’s probably still really bad and you’d need to get a dedicated GPU

Im running a AMD FX-8350 and it works perfect. I dont know if buying a more expensive intel micro worth it.
Intel is better for single core task, as I have understood.

It’ll be better for building code or lighting

Go for an AMD fx 8350 with a really good motherboard ( 990fxa chipset) and overcook it at 4.6ghz using a good watercooling system. You will get a tiny bit more performance than a stock i7 4770 and with the money you will save buy a super powerful gpu like r9 290x or gtx 980. This setup will give you more general performance than if you had an expensive Intel CPU with a mediocre gpu.

Did you know that Intel is actually one of the crappiest CPU companies on earth? Amazing fun fact isn’t it? bet you are wondering right?

Intel cannot survive outside a state sanctioned monopoly which X86 effectively is. Terms per AMD if they go bankrupt is its IP cannot transferred and all rights go back to Intel being the sole provider of X86 now that IBM gave up the race.

Look at ARM, Intel cannot to this day compete with Qualcomm, intel fails each and everytime they try. Because ARM licenses their rights to any company that wants to make an ARM CPU so there is mass competition there hence the incredible rate at which mobile power is increasing at, the desktop has never ever had this pleasure.

With that said, the best CPU to buy for the PC is indeed intel. However I opted for the $70 AMD 760K Quad Core CPU @ 4.1GHZ stock, when I use unreal engine and it has to cook etc and render anything that takes long, all 4 cores light up to 100%.

This means that AMD is actually a pretty good deal when it comes to UE4 development. AMD shines when something is heavily multi threaded, infact you might even find the FX 8350 to be faster than the locked haswell i5. Because the 8350 has 8 cores.

The question is if Unreal uses all 8 of those cores? I cannot say for sure but I am willing to assume so. What you should do is buy the FX 6300 because I am pretty sure UE4 uses 6 cores for rendering. You will get a FX 6300 at less than half the price you would pay for an i5 and it would give the same return in speed as the $200 i5.

It does not make sense to spend money on a 4 core i5 when UE4 uses 6 cores at 100% for cooking etc. A FX 63000 will give you the same speed as a haswell i5 for less than half the price. It will be near identical in performance.

AMD stinks when it comes to the likes of Arma 3 and DayZ stand alone.

Intel CPU’s generally do most things faster.

I’m sure if you’re looking at budget stuff AMD is certainly the way to go though.

Also remember that comparing clock speeds between AMD/Intel is pretty pointless.

Perhaps for anything under the K series i5/i7 AMD is the way to go? Then Intel becomes the better option?

Edit: How fast are you willing to spend =p

^ in all honesty Intel has AMD beaten even in budget. A celeron is way faster than my quad core athlon In DayZ a game that even uses 4 cores.

But for UE4 the AMD is a great buy cause it uses 6 cores or more at 100% for rendering

Also depends on what area (if any) you have chosen to specialize in and what other software you’ll be using.
And also if you’re comfortable with overclocking, personally I’m not confident in my ability to overclock my CPU even though my cooling solution can handle it.

A while ago I sent my i5 750 from 2.66 Ghz to 3.8 Ghz, worked great for CPU dependent games but I gave a big Lightmass build a go and even though temps didn’t go over 60c something went very wrong and I don’t have any spare parts/tools where I’m currently living, ended up without a PC for a week or two and it appears 3 of my RAM slots are dead.
Guess that’ll teach me for using a tool like Easytune rather than learning the limits myself?

EDITs: Anyone here have an i7 5930K?
I’m looking to upgrade soon and the decision between that and the 4770K is killing me.


I just found it better that AMD in all aspects. Even costs are comparable.

More cores != more speed
AMD has some pretty high stats, but if you compare benchmarks they just don’t perform as well as those stats would indicate.

^ yeah if you look at benchmarks once its outside of video games, AMD can compete with Intel in heavy multi threaded situations.

Double the price for intel that gives identical performance as AMD is a waste of money. I still wish I bought the G3258 though, its a beast in video games. Even in games like Arma 3 that uses 4 cores the dual core intel G3258 is way faster than the 4 core AMD

For games the CPU doesn’t matter so much. Games development is different because there’s things you can do that use the CPU more like compiling code or building lighting. I wouldn’t care much about getting a high end CPU just for playing games though, it might only get you like a couple frames faster.

Over the years I’ve used both; long story short, I prefer Intel.

The best CPU to buy is the 4690K Intel devils canyon i5