Ambisonics plays but doesn't have HRTF functionality in Unreal 4.19. (Oculus Rift VR Setup)

So I’m pretty new to Unreal but I’ve been diving in like crazy. I need an ambisonics file to play and have HRTF(VR head rotation(mostly vertical) functionality) and every time I get it playing it isn’t spatialized. Yes it sounds elevated but it does not react to my head movements. I have installed all the Oculus plugins. I did not name the original file with the _AmbiX but I renamed the file after the fact in the content browser(Hopefully that isn’t the cause?).
I created a submix and a Oculus Ambisonics Settings asset and tried multiple ways to get them connected and multiple ways of implementing the start of the sound. When I open the project with the -audiomixer I’m able to set it up with an audio cue being the receiver of the submix directions, and with that I tried both creating a blueprint to just play the sound cue and also trying to drop it onto the map. Each time I get the same result.
I currently have 3 spatialized mono sounds and a non spatialized stereo track and each time I play the ambisonics track it ends up playing like another non spatialized stereo track.
If there is any concrete directions on how to route this or blueprint this I’d love to know how. But in my hours of searching for answers I’ve come up with nothing except you guys starting to talk about it and then stopped last month in this thread… How to setup ambisonics playback in 4.19? - Unreal Engine Forums
I’d LOOOOVVVVE to know more as this has been driving me insane.
Thank you for any help in advance!

The naming condition allows us to automatically mark the file as an Ambisonics file on import.

Otherwise you will need to manually mark the SoundWave as an Ambisonics file here, in the SoundWave properties:

Hey Dan,
Thanks for the quick response! Yeah I had actually clicked that right off the bat, on top of the renaming and still there is no HRTF functionality.
After you apply the Oculus Ambisonics Settings asset to the Submix asset do you then manually open the Ambisonics SoundWave in the Content Browser and apply the Submix that way? Or is there another way?
As for integrating the sound into the map do you do it through a sound cue? Is there extra functionality we’d need to program into it? Or can you drag and drop the SoundWave or SoundCue onto the editor? Or do we need to create a blueprint through a playsound node?
Thanks again