AmbientOcclusion doesn't change in LIT mode

AO changes if I visualize Ambient Occlusion but doesn seems to affect the scene in LIT visualization or it doesn’t appears in LIT mode because If I change it works in AO visualization…
why this happens?

So basically, just playing with Ambient occlusion parameters nothing happens in LIT render mode.
And also, why Distance Field AO doesnt’ affect my scene too?

I’ve encountered that before too, AO not changing according to adjusting the values in the post process volume, and I never changed from Lit mode. Are you sure all the necessary project settings are enabled? Is AO enabled in the light(s)?

Yes AO is enabled in the light, and also Distance Field AmbientOcclusion stucks too.
Presto, how did you fix it?
Cause I need to properly set up AO and Distance Field AO

I don’t remember currently. I need to go in the editor and revisit some of the settings for AO. I think there was something blocking the AO from changing or being able to visually see the results. DFAO did not work either when I encountered it. I’ll check soon and see what I’m capable of remembering and discovering.

What are all the project settings associated with AO (meaning ambient occlusion is in the label and/or description for each setting) in the project set at? I have “Force No Precomputed Lighting” enabled, and all lights are dynamic, and all meshes are movable. I could post my project settings and light settings, and you could attempt to set things according to those, or you can post the settings you have and I’ll try to suggest things. The AO is working for me in the project I was testing in, and I tried a bunch of things to get it to not work and none of it did the job.

“I have “Force No Precomputed Lighting” enabled, and all lights are dynamic, and all meshes are movable.”
Same here!! Same settings.
What about Raytrace? Because in my case I have to get it OFF or UE doesn’t start and I dont know why

Yes please, if you could post your settings… I would really appreciate it :slight_smile: Many many thanks Presto

Buddy if you can post your setting I would really appreciate to get a comparison,
many thanks :slight_smile:

[TABLE=“align: left, border: 8, cellpadding: 8”]

World Lightmass Settings

Directional Light

		![Directional Light Settings TPS map 3.JPG|425x612](upload://dGeuN96vY7mifXAGgr0A2YhGdQ1.jpeg)


Post Process Volume (PPV)

Atmospheric Fog