Ambient reflection for unreal 4.15 (for rivers / water / ocean)

I was following a tutorial: Unreal Engine 4 River Tutorial/Workflow - YouTube

and it seems the ambient reflection for rivers doesn’t work using that method (at 8:40), in the comments it apparently hasn’t worked since unreal 4.11

so I looked at the unreal documents about refraction, here:

its suggested to Lerp(1, 1.33, Fresnel) for water refraction,
and I set it up accordingly, yet still there is no reflection / refraction on the surface, I’m pretty new to this, what am I doing wrong

This is how it should look (you can see it has a refraction on the surface, obviously I’ve rotated it, and its not on any surface)

I’ve tested this in game, but still see no refraction

Okay, I’ve gone through and ticked every box and unticked every box in the material node… no joy

I can’t believe it would be broken, someone must have created rivers in 4.15, dang, spent ages on this

Well, I found the example on this page, it seems to work, so I’ll play around with that instead of following youtube tutorials

After a little bit of faffing, with the unreal example above and mixing it with the tutorial, I’ve done it. Now to make water flow in the direction around bends the. At the moment it’s just placed on one floor tile that is stretched, I assume you can make water flow in a direction around bends by using splines, which I’m going to try next

Unreal is amazing, so glad I found it a few days ago