Ambient Occlusion Post Process gone in 4.6.1

It simply doesn’t do anything anymore. Tried it with a old level and also with making a new one and adding a new post process volume. You might also want to check if there is any other Post Process element not working anymore.

Is there a way to downgrade back to 4.6.0?

Edit: It works with playing with “Standalone game”. The DoF also only works with “Standalone game”. So I guess there is something wrong with the post process chain for in editor play.

Hi Davision,

There is no way to downgrade the editor back to previous versions. The launcher version will always default to the latest hot fix update. The only way to get a specific version of the editor is by using GItHub and compiling the source code which you can download the specific label you’d like.

For the AO issue:

Can you verify that you’re engine scalability settings are set to EPIC? If it is not, this can disable post process settings in the editor, which would explain why you’re not seeing them there but you are in Standalone game.

Also, In your post process volume’s detail panel go to the very bottom and check the box “Unbound” which will enable the post process effects to be used thorughout the level and not only within the bounds of the volume.

Lastly, in your viewport where it says “Show” click this and click the first option for Use Defaults. This will re-enable any post process effects or settings that may have been turned off.

Once that is done you should be able to go to the viewport > View > Buffer Visualization > Ambient Occlusion to switch to a view mode that will only show you ambient occlusion in your scene. If you’re having difficulty seeing it, go to the post process volume and adjust the intensity and power settings.

Thank you!


It was the first, scalability settings set to medium and low. Have never changed them though, I guess they were introduced in the update with a lower default. Btw, would be nice to get those optionally as startup options for the users. For my jam games I usually don’t bother doing any menus but something quick to add like that would greatly increase the playability for people on low end devices.

The scalability settings in 4.4 were adjusted to automatically lower if there is low FPS or other tasks that are lowering FPS. You can disable this automatically lowering due to these factors by going to Engine Scalability and unchecking “Monitor Editor Performance.”

The Engine Scalability settings only affect the editor and not a packaged or standalone game. You will need to set these resolution and settings accordingly via c++ or blueprints if you want the user to be able to select such options on their end.

In Blueprints you can use the “Execute Console Command” and specify a command line argument.