Ambient Occlusion not working (movable lights)


 I have multiple scenes where ambient occlusion does not seem to be working despite enabling all the features that it seems to need to work. I haven't ran into the issue before.  4.27.1, rtx280super

-All movable lights
-distant fields enabled in preferences, and generate distance fields on imported assets enabled
-I can see the distant field AO in the visualizer by itself, but not apparent in lit mode
-BUT, if I view lighting components>ambient occlusion, on or off makes no visible change, which makes me think its not working at all

So with everything enabled, I see no effect when I adjust AO settings on the skylight or the post process where its enabled.

Please help, any info would be appreciated. The only other topic I saw on this with any resolve was the person creating a new project totally. Can I force enable in the command somehow?

That happened to me once… Until I figured out that I was in detailed lighting mode… :joy:

Haha, well I did check that, so its not the issue…but good to check, sometimes its something that simple. :sweat_smile:

Maybe u can share your setting for your skylight and postprocessing, and we can have a look👍

so I’m using dynamic lights, settings are somewhat similar (dfao, movable lights etc.)
try to uncheck “Allow Static Lighting” in the project settings. That worked for me.

Thanks! I will try it…but I probably cant use this solution because one of 6 maps in my project needs baked lighting, the other 5 are movable lights.