Hello, I’have a huge problem with light, the skylight to be precise. I want my scene to have the shades that are generated by skylight (AO) [pic3], however this light is also generating some unwanted brightness inside my box which is closed and there should be no light in there(except the small blue objects) [pic2] (the whitebox- it consists of 2 meshes the door(which must be dynamic) and the core) I want to make a complete darkness in this box, but i get it only with skylight intensity set to 0 or deleted skylight. I’ve already tried to use the post porcess volue and i’ve set the AO intensity to 0, but it did not give me satisfying result, in general there was no difference. Please help guys…

is your skylight set to moving or stationary? you need to bake out lightmaps with stationary skylight otherwise you wont get any dark areas from it on interiors.

Plus AO is a post process effect it should be used as a subtle effect over your final lighting and not as a major contributor which it cannot do anyway, never rely on it to give you anything beyond that.

The skylight is set to stationary. By baking lightmap did you mean the 2 uv channels? I have the uv for the texture done already in blender, one is generated by ue and assigned as the lightmap in mesh editor. Just to specify, the way i want to use the skylight is to prevent shadows from being 100%black, because the directional light (which i treat as the major contributor) without skylight [in pic1] looks a little bit bad i’d say.