AMBIENT OCCLUSION - AO Material similar to PostProcess AO


I’m developing a videogame with a team and I’m working on the textures and lighting. I currently have a problem with the AO of the test level.

The Ambient Occlusion obtained in the PostProcess is perfect, but it affects the world and we only want that AO in the material of our rocks. In these materials we try to create a function that merges the AO of the bake of the rock (Texture from Substance Painter) and the PrecomputedAOMask (which is relative to the surrounding meshes). Despite many tests, we can not create the same effect because either we have very few shadows or we get too many.

First of all, can you make a PostProcess affect only certain meshes? If not, what is wrong with our material?

Regards amd thanks in advance for your help,

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