Ambient Missle Barrage VFX for landscape

hello fellow developers

I am asking a strange question but is it possible to create an object that randomly fire projectile or VFX of like a missle firing and then landing like so . im having trouble with my game and I cant figure it out, i dont know much about blueprints so I need like a point out at what I should be exploring.

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Hey @A_L_FA!

It is totally possible to pull off that effect in your game. I would highly suggest sticking with VFX to have less impact of having both objects and effects spawning in game. Here is an example of the type of effect you are looking for:

Missile Shooting Aim in UE5 Niagara Tutorial

As far as randomly firing off the missles, there are a few ways you could pull this off. For example, you can use “Set Timer by Event” or “Set timer by Function Name” then using the “Random Float in Range” blueprint node to set the number of seconds you would like the event to fire off. Here is a video on how to setup Set Timer in Unreal:

WTF Is? Set Timer in Unreal Engine 4 ( UE4 )

And the documentation on the Random Float in Range node:

Random Float in Range

I hope the above solution solves your issue!

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