Amazing idea but no skill :(

Hello dear UnrealEngine Community,
my name is Damian and i was born in Poland, when i was 7-8 we moved to germany and today i’m 21 and live here since about 13-14 years.

I have a amazing idea for a Android/iOS game but i have no skill. I basicly know how it should look like, how it should work and that stuff. I really need someone that can help me to do it.
I’m not a person that makes a little and then i leave all that.

I’m searching who can help me and explain things.
But first i will say what IS my MOTIVATION!

I play games since 2002, i play games atleast 3-8h each day, don’t worry i have a GF and that stuff :slight_smile:
After playing games since 13years i feel like there is no game that i enjoy… everything is almost the same… for example you pay for a PC 1000-2000 Euros and then you realize that there is no game that makes you happy.
I want to create a Android/iOS game, they don’t need a 1200€ PC to play it… just their Phone… i have a Sony Z3 and that’s a normal one. It doesn’t cost 900$ its just a normal one, there are way more people with a phone then people with a good PC.
Skyrim, Crysis 3 not bad games but you can’t really enjoy it with 480p on a 300$ PC. You have a Phone you don’t need more. Or even if there is a game like Dungeon Hunters 5 or Kritika it’s just a **** in my eyes, they want money money money.
I want to make my game a Online MMO Game.

I want to make a Open world game where you look from the top. A basic MMO like hmmm best example would be Metin2, simple game, simple skills not hard to learn how to play it.
I also know it won’t be done in 6Months or 1year, i want to have fun creating this and see other kids having fun while playing it.

I don’t expect much, i know it’s your free time and i’m thankful even when you read this.
I want to ask if you could subscribe this thread and help me a little with my quiestions and problems. I used Unreal Engine a bit… very little. I also know i need to put some money into that project i have no problem with this.
I spend 30Euros for one computer Fan… i’m not rich but instead of buying some useless **** i want to make something where i can say “i did it together with the community.”.

I also hate when creators don’t hear what the players say… they just ignore them. I saw many games that i really enjoyed and even played 48h without sleep… now these games got “updated” and are really empty and not balanced.

So all i want here is to make you subscribe this thread so you see when i need help and just help me IF YOU HAVE TIME.

do I have time, yes time. You know 50 years goes by in a flash. It goes so fast you just won’t believe how fast.

OK so you have this idea and no skill. Now do you have any art skill? Can you write? I know English isn’t your main tongue because this message is so confusing I am still trying to figure out what you are saying.

Not knocking you. Just scratching my head trying to understand what this idea is.


Lol, that is the last thing I am worried about considering I don’t have anything of a social life :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, the thing you’ve got to realize is that games require A LOT of time & funding in order to pay team members to keep them motivated. The problem with having people work for free is that they have no motivation to work, and as soon as they leave, whoever replaces them has to deal with the old worker’s mess (or different style) of doing things. Something that people usually don’t like is an “idea guy”, so if you do not have any outstanding skills that can be focused towards the project, you should learn a skill and master it.

Everyone starts with no skill. The question is whether you have the motivation to gain that skill, and maintain it for several years…

If it helps motivate you, I had never written a line of code in my life until 4 years ago. I did French and Latin at university and had never been on a computer course. One day I just bought “Java for Dummies” off Amazon for about £10 and started from there.

Now I’ve written my own OpenGL renderer, several AIs to play games like Quake 2 and Counter-Strike, numerous prototypes and game frameworks in UDK/UE4/Unity and so on. I also did that with a full time job and family where I can only spare maybe 8 hours a week or so.

I’m not a genius, just motivated. If you can spare 8 hours a day to play games, why not use 2 of those hours to spend learning how to make your own? It’s very rewarding and will give you a skill that is in high demand around the world :slight_smile:

Have you played dwarf fortress in adventure mode? Just checking.

Everyone has an amazing idea if you ask them and noone comes to life with pre-defined skill. You get’em by working hard.

Maybe you should give some of your free gaming time to learning how things work. You can’t achieve anything without sacrificing another.

I know these are not what you want to hear, but I want to break it to you, noone will make your game for you just because you think the idea is awesome. Everyone got an idea, and everyone working on their ideas this or that way. Doing it for you, free? Not really a chance.

Well that was already a good start, computer programming is just another language, just you’re using it to communicate with a PC, you also need logic, and learning Latin already requires you to have it :wink:

My skill is HTML CSS and little PHP and a big knowlege about Computers and probably biggest in this forum.
But we are talking about making games and skills that i can use while making games = none…

Achilleon you you say that i want to make other people work for me?

I’m not sure if you understand that word “help” instead of “do it for me”. When someone makes for you anythink you will always need someone that will make anything for you but when you ASK for HELP and they show you (maybe) and EXPLAIN it to you you probably can make the next step alone.

Oh, I am so tempted, but others already delivered those bad news.

“My first released game” != MMO

Just forget MMO without experience, decent funds, and at least 50 people team. 10 people team can do decent fps in 4-5 years, but you are going for MMO. And open world, you need at least 10 to 20 level designers, then you need couple of character artists, animators, sound people, some network engineers, somebody to create subscription or shop transaction servers, few testers, some writers for rpg quests, somebody to code quest mechanics, people for balancing itemization, people for balancing PVP, some people for creating raid bosses and raids, marketing people, some PR folks to calm down those whiny hordes on forum, yes few forum moderators, somebody to setup website, and secure it from hacks. Some security experts to at least try to fight cheating. Oh and accountant so your money does not dissapear.

And i was overly optimistic above. Also everybody want money just because all above, they either invested million or more of their own cash , or they took loan. So no wonder they want something from you for playing their game.

Instead of doing undoable start by learning those skills that you have not.

About help instead of doing it for you, well you have no skills, and therefore it looks like you need help everywhere, this means somebody need to do all those things for you. Basic logic.

So start learning, but first decide what are your best talents and follow that path, do not try to learn everything just now. Focus on single aspect then go trough whole process of creating game, or model or environment (depends what you pick first).

Ps. regular phone will madly overheat after hour or two of playing 3d mmo game. Sure you can play for 10-20min without problems, but most games overheat my phone after that time. Tablets are a bit better, they can do about 1 hour without getting hot. So nope, mobile android or ios device cannot handle your game.

If u want to watch: I have huge projects nearby but i just released a very small one.
The thought behind that was simple: Focus.

The Game has one modul from the mainhive system and for the game i refind the mechanics and added some extras. Thats how i create games. In small pieces one by one with all extra work.
Took me 8 Months to build my big stable, but its a simple and straight forward work.

I was thinking like this…
Basicly when i take the demo project where is the topdown player i have a ground and a character.
So what i need to do first.
Lock the camera to the character like in World of Warcraft but “top down” you can spin it left and right.
Then the character needs to know how to hit… punch just simple punch. (The most is already done)
Then i need to make HP and Mana. So if i hit a Monster it loses HP. Then set a dmg/value that the sword will count - to the HP and i have the basics.

Which format do i need for Maps in UE4 ?

You know what is sad ? When someone asks for help and everyone is trying to tell this person that he can’t do it and the best option would be to leave it alone and do something else. Instead of just link a video, explain that would 100% take less then arguing now if i can do it or not…

Never give up.
Always make backups.
Learn what you need.

Could not have said that better.

The problem is you are always stating that “you have no skill and want to make an MMO game.” It is obvious that you are playing alot of games and thinking it might be easy once someone explains you the core. What are trying to make is something that a Whole COMPANY does and fails (Example: Add Random MMO Name That Noone Plays Anymore), and you think you can do it with a little help. We have to say it right now or else you will be disappointed later with wasted time. It is not that easy.

With no skils, how do you expect people to tell you how the networking, server configuration, animations, replications, adding gameplay elements, securing player information? You don’t even know how to crawl, yet you expect help when you are trying to create a Teleporting Machine.

What Mr Nawrot has said is true, and you better read all the things he said aswell.

You can spend playing games per 8 hours? Here is a friendly advice, use 7 hours of it to learn how to animate, how networking works, how Unreal 4 works. You will feel better.

The reason why people tell you “you can’t do it”, because it is the truth. Let’s say that you found a hammer and ask how to build fully-functional aircraft carrier with using it, alone. That’s similar your request.

The best bet would be to either earn enough money to hire the whole studio to do it, get a job in gamedev studio and get some experience or attempt gather team (which will probably fall apart).

You are not the first person who wants to make “open world mmo”. There were few millions of people before you, with the same idea, and they all failed to make it happen. People always want to make skyrim (except it should also be online) as their first game and forget that that game had budget of at least $80000000.

You need a drive to create your own game. And when you have the drive instead of asking questions you’d go to search engine looking for information about how to do it. Then you’d start tinkering.

Right now if you don’t have a skill, you need to get the skill or means to get help from people that have it.

It’s not that simple. Something as “simple” as an inventory system can take several days.

Nobody is telling you to give up your idea, they’re just telling you that it’s not realistic for you to do as a first project when you have no existing skill and knowledge to work with. As NegInfinity said, it’s like someone with no engineering qualifications asking people to help him build an aircraft carrier. What we’re suggesting is you try something smaller and more realistic as a first project, like a scooter. It might not be as glamorous or as impressive, but at least you have a realistic chance of finishing it. Using that skill you can then try making a car, then a truck, then a helicopter and so on until you finally have the skills and knowledge to design your aircraft carrier.

What we don’t want is for you to try and build an online MMO without the ability to even design it, then become disillusioned when nobody wants to help, or they come and go without really making any progress, and you give up and decide to abandon trying to develop anything.

I’m not trying to be a *** but I am more curious as to why a MMO. Why take on a project like this with no skill and no team and no concrete design? I want this young man to realize that these projects such as this are way beyond their capabilities. But I am still curious as to why a MMO and not a multi-player or even a small single player.

The problem with new ppl is, if not for their magnum opus creation, they have no interest in learning.
When that is the case, is usually better just stop giving advice and let them roll their own mistakes…