Am I the only one to have some problems with uefn ???

Every time I create a map, there’s always a device that don’t work (For example previous week, I couldn’t use the target device. Now it’s the class selector that don’t work). Or when I publish a map, some things that works in the uefn didn’t work well in game after publishing. Am I the only one because I’m tired of all theses problems​:pensive::sob:

You have to lay out what you’re doing to really make an impact here of “it doesn’t work”. Otherwise nobody is going to agree with you and your rant will just fade into the distance. Make an effort to complain properly :slight_smile:

@Psyrasc2 Thank you for your report! We would like to look into this further, would you be able to submit a bug report using the form available here? Fortnite Creative