Am I Dumb? > Denoiser is an Automatic Rendering "Feature"....Right?! (a/o 4.25)

If I use Octane Render, Iray, Redshift, or whatever 3rd Party Raytracing Renderer out there - they have a denoiser “feature” that allows you to ‘On/Off’ instruct the renderer to reduces noise after a declared # of pixels is rendered.

But, this is not how Unreal Raytrace Renderer works, is it - It has an included, or automatic, denoiser “feature” that turns on instantly in all situations.
Meaning, you do not actually turn it ‘on’ or turn it ‘off’.
Also, the list of Console Commands referring to Denoiser are strictly for ‘in-game’/‘PLAY-button’ operations, and are not settings for ‘editor mode’ visualization.

Am I right here? Or am I Dumb…
I had asked once about Denoiser console commands but never actually asked in terms of non-game cinematic rendering for archviz presentations only.
So, I am thinking when users post videos saying “UE4…with Denoiser”, it’s not like they turned ‘on’ the denoiser, they just only rendered with settings that operationalized the existing automatic denoiser.


You do want the denoiser on for ray tracing, but it’s only on for each feature if you use the default level of samples, it’ll turn off if you adjust the samples

can that be overridden, and the Denoiser forced to all ways function ?