Am I able to use the student version of maya in making a game using ue4? (don't plan on selling it)

Just wondering because I’m starting to get my hands dirty with maya but would want to stop if I’m able to transfer over.
I know the contract that maya has with student versions but will that carry over to ue4 so it doesn’t look like I’m trying to beat the system? This is all for practice and would like to just post it for free for others to try and see?

thanks guys,

If your a student then your a student. There is also a trial period. Maya Lt which I have is 30$ month. Mori Modo is on steam for 15$ month.Blender, and mesh lab have no restrictions. 3D coats is perpetual. I would honestly start with Blender. Its the best advice to someone starting out. It does everything without any licensing issues. If your going to start learning. You can use Blender for Life once you know it. Free of charge. It’s the difference in owning a car you can drive, or renting one. You don’t plan on renting a car forever.

Thank you. I was on the bubble on it but I would have to think the knowledge you get from blender can eventually be carried over to maya

Maya LT comes with the Stingray engine; which is also pretty interesting tool :slight_smile:
If you later plan to publish a game, Maya LT is a good choice.

Watch out for that slippery slope towards Autodesk oppression, it catches many out.
Lots of devs just keep using the student versions of Maya / Max for commercial work!
So overall I recommend Blender instead as you’ll never have those concerns later on.

Just use Blender Autodesk to me has always been a mess and I don’t get there licensing nonsense plus Blender is getting
more and more advanced overtime.

If you started learning Maya you would never wan’t to go uphill with Blender. Starting with Blender will make Maya, or any other 3d modelling software easier. Maya is extremely productive, but it’s gotten a ton of nuances, and distractions right now. I hate to say this,but there are just too many features that kind of over complicate the process, and then cause me issues. I often forget about tools that are packed into it. It’s really good for animation right now. I got mori modo bundle from steam, but I’m just not extremely good with it yet. I need to sit down for a while, and really get into it. I think Blender will teach you to really focus on doing things right the first time.

I’ve been using 3ds max for 15 years as my primary modeling software, but if i were to start over i would go with blender, no question. I’m just too accustomed to 3dsmax now.