Am About To Start Work On A VR Roller Coaster For Rift And Quest

As the title says, I’m going to start work on a simple roller coaster for the Rift and Quest. I don’t have a Quest to mess around with so am just wondering what the 835 can handle in terms of polys and draw calls? I know someone in the States that can test things out on his Quest but I’d want some sort of ballpark figure for draw calls and polys so that I don’t get too carried away and end up with a slideshow that ends up with my mate losing his lunch lol

Oh bugger. Most of my post has disappeared!!!

Hopefully I’ll be able to remember what I posted!

I’m planning on a relatively simple roller coaster with a jungle and a few dinosaurs, and was thinking of using this method for the jungle, using the free jungle pack on offer this month from the Unreal Engine Marketplace:

Do you think this will allow me to have as much as a couple of hundred trees without the 835 having a nervous breakdown?

I’ve also done a bit of research and seen that Splines and Spline Meshes are commonly used for roller coasters and was just wondering how expensive they are to use and whether there’s a better/less expensive way of doing things (I’m using Blueprints BTW!)?

And just one more question, what’s the best way of working on a multiplatform title? Having a separate project for each SKU? Or having one project for all of the SKUs? And if it’s the latter how would I go about doing that?

Many thanks in advance for any help!