Alternatives to depth fade on Es2+Ortographic camera && not using lighting is possible?

1- Hi, we are making a isometric low poly game as Tunic & lara croft go for android. That means forward renderer+es2+ortographic camera. The problem is that we are using isometric camera and because of that we can not make fake shadows, fake lighting and the water shore effect because world position behind translucency and depth fade doesn’t work on ortographic but in unity there is a pack called marvelous techniques, and pretty much a lot of shaders that accomplish those effects, so i wonder how can be done.

2- Because we are making games for mobile we are looking for a weight+performance trade .We are making a game 3d game sidescroller with all the shadows cooked in substance and all the materials are unlit. I was wondering if this helps performance size or there is better technique to accomplish that (i have another post showing the kind of aesthetics).

  1. How can i add details in a material like add flower in a wall? in substance designer there is a node that you can add a alpha detail over an albedo. In ue4 you can use layered material but the detail cannot be put in a random place of the mesh. Like painting those flowers over the grass or the tiny holes over the tiled texture.Am i wrong?