alternative to using Scene Capture Component 2D since that is broken in 4.24

I don’t know what they did but Scene Capture Component 2D is really broken in 4.24 in VR packaged projects as described here Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-86191) and here Unreal Engine 4.25 Preview - Unreal Engine Forums I was using this for scopes on my guns but I’m getting an even bigger hit on packaged games down from 90 fps to about 20 fps. Is there any other way to create a scope without using a Scene Capture Component 2D?

Try setting these console vars to recover performance until they fix it.

Thanks I’ll try that out.

Ok so just had a chance to try it on a packaged project and it has no effect on performance. Unfortunately, FPS still dives down below 20 fps. Is there any other way to do a scope without using a Scene Capture Component 2D? Waiting until 4.25 may or may not fix this isn’t an option, unfortunately.

Try this in 4.25 yet? I’m using a Scene Capture Component 2D, and I had to add r.SceneRenderTargetResizeMethod 2, or perf fell through the floor.

Try adding this to DefaultEngine.ini if you are still having problems.
Setting via console vars may not work properly.


I’m having issues with this as well, serious performance cost from Scene Capture - I tried these settings in DefaultEngine.ini but I can’t see much of a difference. Any advice? Is this a new bug, has Scene Capture been fast in the past?

Similarly if anyone knows a way to get the framebuffer without using a Scene Capture, any advice would be welcome. I’ve tried using the FFrameGrabber class in C++ but it seems impossible to package the game with it, otherwise it works pretty well in the editor.

The console vars made no difference for me (4.25) Has anybody had any success with this yet?