alternative to pixelizing textures

i have this material function that basically controls the amount of pixels on an image. its all good but i want to export the pixelized image from unreal. from what i have seen it doesnt seem to be possible. I have looked around here and there and found nothing useful. I have looked for alternatives to this pixel effect with aftereffects plugins, photoshop and web based programs. some would even mess around with rescaling and using different resampling methods but the result is always less than ideal. unreal uses a float slider which makes it really great for low res images and i cannot find an alternative to that.

I want to have a pixelized image of the texture so i can upload to sketchfab or 3ds max to view the texture.

i tried this but it has the same problem as baking the textures. I tried messing with the compression settings but they all apply some form of anti aliasing or w/e its too soft either way. Am i missing something here with those settings? i did the render target and exported it and then dropped it into max in pic.

heres some pics of the render target and the original texture

i dunno man, i tried messing with the quality settings, formats and compression and it just doesnt feel like its doing anything.