Alternate Camera on screen instead of Vive Mirror

I’m attempting to create a 2nd camera that can be used to view the player in the world - instead of the vive.

I’d like to be able to switch back and forth between the vive preview camera and this spectator camera.

Yes, I know it costs extra render time.

There’s a spectator pawn assigned to ever player controller. You should be able to swap back and forth between that pawn and your default pawn. I set this up for my character. Super useful for debugging.

sorry…not familiar w/ Vive O_o

Does that alter the vive displays?

I’m very interested in that as well. I want to use this for making trailers without needing to see the distorted view of the Vive. Currently I’m looking at setting up networking which isn’t the cleanest work around.

I’m also wondering this, but for the Rift support, as opposed to the Vive. Tho I’m sure this is a general VR integration feature, so the solution should work for both of us… If there even is one.

I really want to display a different in-world camera, like a security camera for example, on the PC monitor side, in the HMD Mirror window. Meanwhile the player still see’s his normal player camera, in the HMD.
This could be used to prompt IRL spectators, who are watching the player play, to change certain things about the VR experience for the player. A VR horror experience, could scare the VR player in different ways, depending on the choices their friends choose, on the PC screen side.

Basically, instead of the mirror window displaying what the player sees, we want to customize it to display something else.

I think the guys have called this asymetrical-gameplay.

We’re also waiting on an HMD/monitor display option to be added to UE4. This is easy to achieve in Unity but we haven’t found any way of doing this in UE4 and haven’t seen that anyone has managed it yet either. Hopefully this change can be integrated into the next release, we can’t do mixed reality without it!

Also interested in how to do this!

+1 very interested in this

+1 Me too!