Altering particle billboard anchor?

I am not actually sure how to word this, but I experimented with particles in UDK and am still learning Unreal 4, so I apologize if this is something really simple I somehow missed on both cases. Going through video tutorials and doing a bunch of experiments, I can’t see to find a way to “anchor” the particle planes to a location other than their center. I come from Sins of a Solar Empire, and the option I am looking for looks something like this.

I’ve been googling around but I can’t even find someone asking about this much less any information about it. I looked into the FPS demo and studied their muzzle flashes but I could not determine that they were doing anything other than manually moving the emitters to line them up in their Required settings. Am I just blind, or does it actually exist?

And yeah, you can kind of manually displace the emitters around, but for something like Muzzle Flashes, it is much more convenient for me to originate all of the edges of the billboards (where the muzzle flash “begins”) at the origin and then stretch them out from that anchor as opposed to constantly resizing and moving things by individual units trying to line it all up. Also, for something like Lightning bolts I might want to fork off the origin, like a ball, that kind of setting is extremely useful since you can pin the bolt to its edge and then just scale it outwards from that edge.

/edit 2

On second thought, ignore the second question about the rotation thing. I am 99% sure the flipbooks I am using to test this are… not centered perfectly. Would still love to know about the anchors, though.

So, this doesn’t exist?

Consider this an official feature request, then.

This feature does exist. It’s called pivotoffset, it’s a module you add to the emitter. It has different inputs than soase but produces the same result.