ALT+MMB Panning invert?

I am struggling in the editor due to middle alt+mmb and dragging working the inverse of what I expect - is there a way to change it - had a quick run through prefs and could not find it (MacOSX)

Same here, we really need a way to toggle this behavior (maybe there is?). If they call it Maya style control, then it shouldn’t be opposite of Maya controls.


It was the same deal with UE3. Would like mouse inversion.

Hello everyone,

This is something we are currently considering. Thank you for your feedback!

Have a great day,

Thanks that would be great

Hi guys, yes please do it nad make na option for your proclaimed Maya style paning. I red also its Maya style and found out its not. It makes it really big strugle to do anything. For some of us this could lead to discontinue subscription as am geting mad of it.


Max user here. Highly annoying to me too, get momentary vertigo every time i pan the cam hehe.


Please consider it.


They considered it and its done!

Please do add that option


bumping this.