Alt + Click on blueprint node to disconnect all execution links

Shortcuts like Ctrl + drag wire (fast moving wire to another node) or Alt + Click on input/output (breaking connection) speeds up editing graph so much :slight_smile:

I’d like to request one more shortcut of this kind.
Clicking on node while holding Alt should disconnect all the execution links connected to clicked node. Parameter connection should be left untouched. It would decrease the number of actions needed to simply “cut” node from current place in code.

“Break links” command doesn’t help because it disconnects all the links, parameters too. IMHO “Break links” is pretty useless :wink:

One click less than Alt+Click on two IO pins? (in rare occasions more)

Yeah, had the same thought later :wink:

So I was thinking would be any better use for such shortcut… Maybe… if Alt+Click wouldn’t only disconnect execution links but also it would automatically select all connected parameter nodes - ready to move. This way it would be as fast as selecting line in text editor. Now you need to perform few operations/clicks less in order to simply select a “line of code” to move it somewhere.
And that could actually make noticeable difference.

I mean, I always look for ways to make a basic blueprint editing faster and easier. Because blueprints suck mostly if you compare compositing graphs to typing text. Visual scripting here would much better if editing code would be faster and required much less clicks. It’s doable, many edit actions can be optimized. Epic just never truly focused on it :wink:

I would prefer - Double click the node to select all connected nodes.
And Alt+click on title to disconnect the node form execution pins and weld the IO wires together.

Also would be great to drag some nodes on to the wire so they would be embedded in the chain.

Mhm, double click could work nicely :slight_smile:

It’s on TODO list of Blueprint Assist plugin, but it requires engine change. So probably pull request too…