ALSv4 Paragon Character Virtual Bone IK Issue

Hi community,

I really hope someone can help to get the last bit working in my current project. I’m using ALSv4 and I tried to retarget the character Paragon Twinblast to the ALSv4 Mannequin animations. Everything seems to work quite fine like foot IK, rolling … except the weapons. The rotation seems to be completely wrong and I don’t know how to fix it.

Moreover I do not yet have much experience with virtual bones and I don’t know if it is possible to get everything working as the ik_hand_<x> bones seem to be a bit different in both skeletons.
I’m currently using the following virtual bones: [TABLE=“border: 1, cellpadding: 0, cellspacing: 0, width: 0”]


Source: &…Xdw/edit#gid=0

I like the way this guy does it… his video is for CC3 characters, but it worked for me with daz characters so…

I set the youtube link to start at the bit where he explains his retargeting workflow, it’s at 3:23 if the link doesn’t jump there properly

It took me one your to finally understand how I can fix this issue. :muscle:

Then I decided to record the process of developing custom tools that supports me during character integration into ALS. Here is the playlist on YouTube,

See here TwinBlast is working perfectly, TTToolbox - ALSv4 TwinBlast Integration | #UE4 Devlog #1 - YouTube.

Here is the series how I got TwinBlast really working with ALS.

The Truth of Retargeting in UE5 - Paragon - TwinBlast - Sneak Preview

It shows my workflow how I retarget Paragon TwinBlast to ALS in a very streamlined workflow.

I found even more fixes for Retargeting in UE5. :wink: