ALS Secrets - Retargeting the UE5 Manny for ALSv4

If you guys get stuck like me for ages when you want to integrate a custom character into ALSv4 then this series might be super helpful to you! It took me one year to really learn the process and come up with custom editor scripts that help to integrate a custom character in a stream lined workflow.

Furthermore, I cover how to use the new IK Retargeting tooling. Additionally, the series covers also the existing bugs and how we can work around those issues with clean solutions. At the end we should get a working ALSv4 with a properly integrated UE5 Manny from Unreal Engine 5. :muscle:

To understand the process of character integration into ALSv4 I also cover some internals like virtual bones, ik systems, ik bones and how they are animated.

You will also learn how to properly implement editor scripts almost purely in Blueprints. Where it is needed we will cover how to expose features to Blueprint with the help of C++. Please be not afraid, I show it step by step.

And last but not least I also share how I work with Git within an Unreal Engine project and keep the pure Blueprint project still working. You might have designers in your team that don’t want to deal with complacted C++ build errors while iterating within their artistic workflows. :wink:

Here is the playlist that covers how to get the UE5 Manny working and how I use Git to save my work.

This is the playlist that does not cover the Git part, in case you’re not interested in learning it.


Here is a more user focused video series on how to retarget Paragon TwinBlast to ALS.

The Truth of Retargeting in UE5 - Paragon TwinBlast

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Here is a series that focused on getting a Mixamo character working.