Alpha material

Hey all, I have a 2d puzzle game with a border shaped like a cube. My puzzle pieces come in from the sides - I place them outside the puzzle border and move them into the puzzle area. I want the pieces to get revealed as they enter, so I’d need some sort of cube shaped alpha to cut off the pieces as they come in.

How can I set this up? Is it best done in the material?

I’ve made an amazingly beautiful image that shows what I’m trying to get at. The blue bg is also transparent and the puzzle pieces are solid, if that’d make any difference.


Could be made any way you desire. You could create a mesh or use an alpha to mask the incoming pieces.

Hello again.

I know there’s a World Aligned Texture node one can use, but I’m not quite sure how to best get a texture using this to align to my blue tinted puzzle area. The mesh approach sounds possibly easier to manage for my purpose?

What functionalities shall I look into when using a mesh for this as you mentioned? The only thing I know of is the mesh brush, but I don’t think that’s what you’re talking about here?

Thanks a bunch!