Alpha map not importing no transperancy with fbx file

Hello, I have been trying to import a grass asset into UE4 from StudioMax 3d, when I do the export and import I assure all the necessary boxes are checked to assure smooth groups and media is collected.
The grass model looks like this in max everything looks fine:


Once I import the fbx file in I notice that parts of the mesh are no longer visible on one side and the sides that are visible are no longer using the alpha map to make the background color transparent and leaving only the grass blades visible as shown below.

I noticed that the black and white alpha map does not get imported and I can import it separately, however on the material window for the grass anything to do with Transparency is greyed out and not usable. Am I missing something? Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated, I have searched forums and you tube videos but none specifically show step by step what is going on here.