Alpha channel tiling


I have a texture map which also has an alpha channel. The texture itself has a LanscapeLayerCoord node plugged to it to set the tiling and that’s fine. However, I wan’t to give the alpha channel a different tiling. I can simply take out the alpha channel and put it there as an stand alone texture map but I’m aiming for optimization in this.
Can somebody please guide me on how to do it?

Your help is much appreciated.

Could you not place a second TextureSample (with the same texture) and plug in different coordinates?

I have a lot of textures used in the material with each having an alpha channel. I wouldn’t want to double the texture count but rather finding a way to change the tiling of the alpha channel instead.

You’re not doubling the texture count by having more samplers for the same texture, you can have as many as you want.

Sitrec is right using same texture sample multiple times within same material wont affect performance and memory usage also it wont waste limited in older ue4 versions texture sample limit of 12 per landscape material

So I just duplicate that texture sampler and it has no affect on memory? no matter how many?

Well you can’t add something and have NO impact somewhere, but you are sampling the same texture data, so the impact should be minimal.

Alright thank you all for the quick response.