Allow files access from CEF browser and Disable Web Security

I want to make file system accessible from a web browser using CEF Library. In order to do this, I tried following options :

**file_access_from_file_urls = STATE_ENABLED;

universal_access_from_file_urls = STATE_ENABLED;

web_security = STATE_DISABLED;**

Here are some changes which were made

TSharedPtr<IWebBrowserWindow> FWebBrowserSingleton::CreateBrowserWindow(const FCreateBrowserWindowSettings& WindowSettings)
    static bool AllowCEF = !FParse::Param(FCommandLine::Get(), TEXT("nocef"));
    if (AllowCEF)
        // Information used when creating the native window.
        CefWindowInfo WindowInfo;

        // Specify CEF browser settings here.
        CefBrowserSettings BrowserSettings;

        // Disable plugins
        BrowserSettings.plugins = STATE_DISABLED;
        BrowserSettings.file_access_from_file_urls = STATE_ENABLED;
        BrowserSettings.universal_access_from_file_urls = STATE_ENABLED;
        BrowserSettings.web_security = STATE_DISABLED;

Also made changes in the OnBeforeCommandLineProcessing method of CEF Library where the user can change the settings of the browser.

Here is the sample code

void FCEFBrowserApp::OnBeforeCommandLineProcessing(const CefString& ProcessType, CefRefPtr< CefCommandLine > CommandLine)

I’m trying to disable web security inside the Unreal Engine Web Browser. Is there is any extra setting which we need to do in order to disable the web security and allow the files to be accessed by the following path

file:///C:/image.jpg (Please note that opening the sample url in browser loads the image)

I’m basically using web browser inside the unreal engine which uses CEF library C++. I know that accessing the files is possible by creating a server on the local machine and then access files using URL but I would like to customize the CEF library in c++ to disable the web security.