Allegorithmic Have A 34% Off Sale Starting Tomorrow Until Cyber Monday

Just thought I’d give you guys and girls a heads-up about this sale starting tomorrow. I bought the Indie Pack when it was on sale in the Summer for $199 (34% off) and it’s been worth every penny.

In the Indie Pack you get Substance Designer, Substance Painter and Bitmap2Materials which gives you everything you need to create PBR textures quickly and easily.

I have no affiliation with Allegorithmic at all but have been using their software for the last few months and it’s awesome. :smiley:

What are their best products?

Well they only have 3 main ones and it depends on what you want to do. Ideally you’d use them all together, ie create Substances with Substance Designer and then texture your models using those Substances by importing them into Substance Painter…but I’m not quite up to speed with Substance Designer so all of my models so far have had their textures done only with Substance Painter. You can see them on my SketchFab account here:

I’m completely new to this 3D modelling and texturing lark so someone with more skills is bound to put my models to shame lol

Substances are used by big developers on big projects like Assassin’s Creed, Robo Recall, Lone Echo and others but the software is VERY reasonably priced if you’re an indie developer.

That sounds really good! I will look at their website. Thanks for sharing