Allar's Blog (Slow source of tutorials, random developments, and marketplace reviews)

I’ve been working with Unreal professionally for a few years now, both 3 and 4, and at one point I had a pretty comprehensive UE3 blog with some resources that even when they became outdated still had some significant traffic.

I decided to reboot it for UE4. Can visit it at or YouTube channel

Blog will have tutorials, random developments, and marketplace reviews slowly added to it. YouTube channel will have just the video bits of the blog.

If you like what you read, great, if not, I’m sorry. Comment either way, or not, I’m a forum post, not a cop.

I like the marketplace reviews :slight_smile: You should definitely keep those coming!

+1 for marketplace reviews.

Thanks y’all.

Problem with marketplace reviews is that its limited to both my wallet and whether or not it could be useful to anything I’m working on. The second part a symptom of the first. So while I will do more reviews and already have a couple planned and somewhat written, I can’t exactly dump all my money into every asset. Maybe in the off chance that this actually becomes a thing, I’d be interested in doing reviews with ‘review copies’ but I doubt that’ll be a thing.

Regardless, if you have a particular asset you want reviewed, comment either here, the blog, or the youtube channel and I’ll move it up on my list of things to get.