[All VR] 3D Crosshair Tutorial


A while ago i wrote some C++ code for a proper stereo rendered crosshair that works with all VR headsets. Oculus released a GearVR sample project today on their store, reminding me that it would be cool to have some standard VR feature templates for UE4 aswell, so i decided to update and publish the crosshair code on the UE4 wiki.

Hi Michael,

thanks for the contribution. Might it also be possible to include some screenshots of the functionality? That would be helpful as well.


That is difficult, since the effect is only visible in stereo rendering. I.e when you put on you’re headset. On a monitor it looks like just a normal crosshair.
But i’ll see what i can do, to make it more clear what it does on a screenshot.

Cool stuff, but shouldn’t it be a standard feature of UE4 ?

I think epic may add something like that to a future VR template ?! It’s definitely a standard feature for VR, but it’s not that hard to do.